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Free Credit Card Processing Equipment with EMV Chip Reader and NFC Smartphone Reader (Apple/Android Pay Compatible)
We are proud to offer the lowest merchant account rates in the industry. We will put put you on a wholesale interchange program-process payments for as low as 0.25%

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24 Hour Customer Support, there's always someone by your side to help if something's preventing your from completing a credit card transaction
Working with 360 has been one of the best experiences. They got us all new machines and lowered our costs.

Owner, AA Beer and Wine
David was so helpful in explaining how Merchant Services works. Other sales people were very vague about the fees for merchant processing. I felt really comfortable signing on with 360 who has the lowest markup in the merchant services industry.

Owner, Grace Nails
Every sales guy we spoke to wouldn't even talk to us unless we sent them our current merchant services statements. 360 was confident their rates were lower and they were right. We saved $500 last month and we got all new equipment for free.

Owner, Cook Brothers Bar and Grill
We were able to simplify our business and cut a lot of fees because 360 took the time to understand how our business was different from others. They made sure the rates and fees were tailored to our unique company.

Owner, Smith Metal
Really low prices. Really simple application. Fast shipping. Free supplies. Free equipment. I'm so happy.

Judy Clark
Owner, Jewel Hut

Merchant Funding

Borrow $10,000-$150,000 against future business sales. Receive funding within 48 hours.


We have partnered with Paychex to provide simple and low cost payroll service.

Point of Sale Integration

Our merchant services platform talks with nearly all Point Of Sale software. We can assure any business a fast and easy switch.

Search Your Receipts Online

With 360 you're in control of your merchant services and processing with our MyBizPerks program. Have access to a back office with all your merchant services statements, order free paper, and more.

Free EMV Equipment

Merchant Accounts require an EMV Chip reader. We know change is hard but we are here to make it easy. EMV chip readers are the new credit card processing standard and required to be compliant with new industry standards. Also rest assured, if any new requirements come out, we'll upgrade you for free.

NFC (Apple and Android Pay)

The best merchant processing and payment technology is at your fingertips. Impress your customers and accept payments from any equipped smartphone. Customers lover processing payments with their phones. Safe, Secure, and Super fast.
360 Merchant Concierge was formed with the idea that companies shouldn't have to pay a lot of money just to accept credit cards and have a merchant services account. While some companies play games and have shady practices we have one rate for everyone, and it's the lowest advertised rate in the industry.

Since we know that it's important that you accept credit card payments flawlessly we provide all our customers with FREE merchant processing equipment and will replace it or upgrade it whenever necessary.

Lastly, we want to bring services back to merchant services. We can help with cashflow, payroll, website development, and local advertising. Just email David@360merchantconcierge.com.

Or call: 201-264-5289 for immediate assistance.

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